Project “Think again! It’s not a garbage.”

Priority: Environmental and climate goals


Waste is an issue that affects us all. We all produce waste: on average, each of the 500 million people living in the EU throws away around half a tonne of household rubbish every year. This is on top of huge amounts of waste generated from activities such as manufacturing and construction, while water supply and energy production generate another 95 million tonnes. Altogether, the European Union produces up to 3 billion tonnes of waste every year.

The aim:

The project addresses a general problem that has been focused on at the level of EU, but which has not found all the solutions. While we will not solve all the problems related to waste management or eliminate its effects on the environment, we intend to make a conscious effort to educate young people into becoming more environmentally responsible citizens.

The project specific objectives are: 

  1. to promote responsible and active citizenship among students
  2. to develop the students’ environmental consciousness
  3. to give students and teachers the chance to analyse current practices in waste management and make positive changes
  4. to turn the schools into ECO-friendly schools through the implementation of the waste management programme
  5. to improve intercultural awareness, promote tolerance, mutual respect and understanding
  6. to develop students’ creativity, critical thinking and team work skills


In order to achieve these aims, we plan 5 transnational events, intertwined with local activities on specific topics:

C1 – Waste management policies – statistics, regulatory acts, laws

C2 – REDUCE – Effects on the environment of bad disposal methods

C3 – REUSE – Campaign to promote reuse of materials

C4 – RECYCLE and RECREATE – Discover the mine in the waste

C5 – Development and implementation of school-based waste management systems

Project Total Duration – 24 months – 2020-09-01 –  2022-08-31




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